AKS international provides a range of Time Management, Access Control Systems for the clients to deliver & manage superior workforce management solutions by reporting time and attendance, labor tracking, door access & data collection solutions. We can offer specifically designed access control solution with options to choose from traditional electronic time recorders to modern day data collection terminals such as biometric and proximity readers.

We provide design assistance to the clients, application engineering support & product selection, price estimations, supply of prime quality equipment’s which meets international quality standards of complete range of Access Control Systems.

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What is Biometric Access

Before we get to know the biometric access control solutions, I think it is better to understand what actually biometric access means. Biometric access to control alludes to a particular case of get to control, which is the matter of approving work security of any company or organization to enter a shut quarters or access a confined question.... Biometric get to control is the science and innovation of the business as it identifies with dissecting natural information as a way to control get to. Biometric get to control elements can gauge different human qualities like a man's unique finger impression, their eye retinas and irises, their vocal examples, facial shapes and hand estimations. Biometric get to control is exceptionally viable at advancing security inside expert organizations, as it would be anyplace from to a great degree hard to difficult to fake a natural engraving .

Why we Need Biometric access control solutions

Here is the most important question, why do we need biometric access control solutions? Actually after hackers started cracking into the personal and sensitive data using their illegal ways, technology expert felt something more secure which resulted in the invention the devices which could be operated only and ... only if its real owner uses his biometric information for example his finger, voice or eye retina. .

Companies manufacturing Biometric access control solution devices:

Modern and elite countries are using devices based on the biometric access from years and that is the reason why the rate of crime especially bank robberies are comparatively lesser than that of the countries with the poor technological availabilities. ... Many companies are manufacturing such devices regularly and are earning considerable amount of the revenues monthly and some of them are listed below: 3M Congent Apple Fujitsu NEC Bioenlable Technologies ImageWare Systems M2SYS Mobbeel Precise biometrics SIC Biometrics The trend of the Biometric access control system is now pretty much common in both android and IOS operating systems.