AKS international offers end-to-end network video surveillance solution that showcase our expertise in professional solution design , hardware RAID NVR , high-availability video storage , embedded firmware and video management software. Our intelligent visual management system (Digital CCTV are the basic backbone of your building security. These are widely used for monitoring of strategic location within and around a building or within a large campus.

We provide design assistance to the clients, application engineering support & product selection, price estimations, supply of prime quality equipment’s which meets international quality standards of complete range of Network & Analog CCTV Surveillance.

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CCTV camera in transport

Training and transfer of taxi meters,open travel proves to always ensure by CCTV surveillance cameras being adopted in the vehicles and in stations,the stations also circle.Watch the video prevents sins against passengers,drivers and conductors also provide charge to the visual emphasis if the exploitation of the individual or demolition... of the property. Closed-circuit television business is one of the less challenging courses for employers and labor representatives screen deterring irregularities in its foundations.If the place of business is a restaurant, offices, banks, retail, and put cash Cameras careful land, and the new premises, and storage spaces and occupies can storey representative of these areas access filter, to prevent theft and vandalism, and different types of offenses. Business recognition is so vital for hours rest, as is the case in the middle of working hours, since almost anything could happen by chance in a deserted offices. Security cameras give confirmation of the theft, as well as owners and managers to help monitor cleanup overnight and support teams, to ensure that all the required job they are doing. .

CCTV camera installation in schools

Find expanding schools to monitor safety, especially in the condition of middle and high school levels. Many education systems have led to the use of CCTV Camera as an alternative to the current lobbyist’s screen mode, and conduct classes, seminars possible in cafes and entertainment centers, theaters and parking spaces.... Security cameras has become a device to control crimes such as graffiti, and fights, vandalism and drug abuse in schools, and also make sure alternates by checking people entering and leaving the grounds .